Furniture manufacturing in Lahore


Staying elegant and yet connected to the globalized sense of fashion, furniture design store in Lahore provides you with the best interior décor you can just imagine! Whether you want to renovate your dream house with the best furniture or you want a classy furnished touch to your office, we have it all!

 At zeef furniture design you can find huge varieties of indoor and outdoor range of embellishments such as bedroom category; bedset, dressing table, wardrobes, kids bed, kids cupboards, side tables, décor , dining table set and office furnishings.

Furniture Design In Lahore

Lahore being the city full of culture and vibrancy, people living here take consideration into buying furniture that give their homes, a cozy feeling and their offices, a phenomenal look. So we have got that artisanal collection of traditional and modern pieces of furniture you may want to decorate your place with!

 You’ll find here excellent quality material and newest designs in bedroom sets, dining table and chairs, outdoor space table and chairs, office table and chairs, and whatever you desire you can simply get it customized too! Aesthetic appearing upholstery fabrics to simple plain colors  , sleek or contemporary style of furniture design can be chosen easily as per your requirement and specifications.

Furniture manufacturing in Lahore

Craftsman having years long experience of furniture manufacturing in Lahore creates for you unique designs of furniture that are also comfortable and reliable. They inculcate magical combination of both traditional and aesthetic appearing designs that can be served at both local and international markets. You will find many variables in sizes, shapes , colors and material, that may fit according to your selection. Materials like rosewood , teak, walnut from wooden sources and others like those from metal and glass are upholstered to make beautiful and exceptional pieces of interiors.

Furniture Stores In Lahore

Across hundreds of available furniture stores in Lahore you get to choose for yourself the best of arts , if you got that perfect vision! Zeef furniture design is one of the competitive furniture outlet in Lahore that is proud to serve their customers with durability, modernism , aesthetic and luxurious furnitures that one might be happy to buy. Furniture design store in Pakistan We provide online assistance to choose from our category of different embellishments and get it customized as well. Our members also ensure easy selection process accompanied with providing great options to choose from, and delivering it to your doorstep safely for your convenience.

Furniture Polishing Service

It’s necessary to maintain the attractiveness and shine of your furniture that you’ve carefully selected and bought, so for this we offer furniture polishing service too. Sometimes with passing months , it might happen that your interiors get dull and lose their lustrous appearance and get signs of wearing or even get harmed by termites, but no worries!  Now you won’t be bothered to replace or give away your precious furniture in scrap, as furniture polishing can revive your old looking furniture into a brand new one resembling as if you just bought it!

Also, there are types of polish we offer that may cater to your needs. Furniture design store in Pakistan Varnish polishing will give your designs a hard coating that will not only protect but also enhance your wooden pieces. French polishing is one typical forms of polish that gives glossy touch to your furnishings. Melamine polishing which is mostly preferred as it creates fire and heat resistant coating. Lacquer polishing which is a thin coating that is applied to dry quickly which avoids dust accumulation on your furniture.

Dining Table Design

 When it comes about having a kitchen furniture such as a dining table , it surely requires to match with your surrounding to accommodate it harmonically. A dining table, we believe, must be having a pleasing look along with giving the comfort one needs while sitting to eat peacefully. The detailing of the design such as the material being wooden or glass, urban or traditional style with full back chairs or chairs with patterns, tabletop with patterns or plain can be intricately customized or chosen from our available catalogue designs. We have different sizes and capacity of dining table set that will suit for your living room or kitchen to create sweet memories in your lifetime.

Iran Furniture Design

If your selection taste lies in Persian arts and ancient designs, we’re sure that you’ll love to explore our Iran furniture designs at our store! You can find rich velvet textured furniture , hand loomed classic patterns, maestro and luxurious designs in appealing colors that are blended with perfectionism. You can find huge varieties of Iran furniture designs in bedroom sets, dining table or sofa sets.

Office Furniture Design In Lahore

Owing to the growing business industry , office furnitures are mandatory to provide a nice working environment for your employees and also to create an ideal, modern working place. Office furnitures must be such that it serves functionality, durability, ergonomic design and effective space organization. Whether you’re designing a cozy office space in your home or setting up a corporate expansion, you’ll require to have carefully picked desks, chairs, working and meeting tables, stools, storage cabinets and many to revamp your dynamic office layout.

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