5 Interior Design of Crystal Laminates: Trends & Innovations to Remap your House

Crystal Laminates

Crystal glass laminates are famous for the glass-like finish they offer to furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc. The specialty of this finish is the luxurious sheen and elegance that they render to the pieces covered with this particular type of laminate. There is a number of reasons why people have embraced the beautiful look of crystal laminate.

Why You Should Use Crystal Laminates

Laminates are around for quite some time. It is time to explore different kinds of interiors styled by laminates. Crystal laminates are available in different colours and look. A short discussion with your flooring contractor on the said topic can help you choose the perfect look for your interior. Despite offering a glass-like elegance to the surfaces, Royal touch crystal laminate is not as brittle as glass. The moral of the story is, you get elegance, a smart, and a smooth finish without investing in the glass. This is important because the glass top in the kitchen or any other surface inside the house does not prove value for money. There are three basic reasons for that.

  1. Glass can break easily and repair or replacement work will siphon a good amount from your maintenance budget.
  2. Breaking the glass surface might lead to minor to major domestic accidents.
  3. This material is a lot lighter than the original glass to work with.

Why do Interior Designers Create Multiple Designs with crystal laminates?

Crystal laminates are similar to glass, look-wise. But they are a lot more pliable to withstand the everyday grind common on kitchen cabinets and different other areas. Inlaying and cutting are a lot easier and possible with simple wood-work tools. As a result, it is not a tough job to fit backlights and other required fittings to this material according to the requirements of a particular space.

Front Panels: Thicker crystal acrylic sheet is used for creating front panels. There is a wide range of laminate sheets used for this purpose. You can choose from a bunch of vibrant or subdued colours of your choice. Moreover, you have the option to select from multiple designs and textures. High-gloss finish, magnetic surfaces, and polymer mirrors are your options for front panels. They are great for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and shop fronts.

Recesses/ Wall Panels: Thinner laminate sheets are workable for wall panels. While you can be assured of low breakage and zero waste during cutting and inlaying, crystal laminates also guarantee scratch resistance. The design freedom you enjoy with crystal laminate sheets is rarely available with Digital laminates or Textured laminates. These materials are absolutely usable for any part of a residential or business property. Just pair your laminates with the right wall colors, and furnishing for a better outcome.

Flooring Solutions: Apart from front and wall panels, you can use crystal laminates for mind-blasting beautiful flooring solutions. A posh and luxe feel on the floors makes this type of laminate ideal for inlaying on office and shop floors. However, no matter how pliable and scratch resistant the material is, still ideal for usage in light-traffic areas. Light commercial floors can be transformed amazingly with this material.

Exterior Wall Cladding: It has been quite some time since laminates are being used in residential and business properties. However, it is being prioritized for wall cladding projects too. Modern-day architects are widely using laminate sheets in such projects. If it is a renovation or remapping work in your space, Crystal laminate sheet is ideal to work with.

Furniture: Crystal laminate solutions are great for indoor furnishing in any part of your business or residential property. Be it a shop or be it your very own private space inside the kitchen. Laminates can elevate the look and your mood in a jiffy.

Conclusion: We have tried to cover the ideal remapping or designing solutions that crystal laminates can be a part of. However, if you have other ideas, feel free to share them with us.

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