Meet With Vera Davich: The  Ex-Wife of Scott Patterson

Vera Davich

Vera Davich, the former Ex-Wife of the well-known American actor Scott Patterson, intrigues us with her secretive life. Her connection to the star and her choice to stay out of the public eye make us curious about the woman behind the mystery. Let’s reveal  the fascinating story of Scott Patterson’s Ex-Wife Vera Davich.

Who is Vera Davich ?

Vera Davich, famous for her connection with the famous actor Scott Patterson, is pretty private about her personal details like her birthdate and where she’s from. Scott Patterson, the famous American actor from “Gilmore Girls” and the “Saw” movies, used to be her husband.

Vera Davich Age?

Vera Davich’s personal information is not readily available online, but she is estimated to be in her mid-50s. We’ll provide updates when more details emerge.

Vera Davich Wikipedia

Name Vera Davich
AgeN/A (We will Update soon)
Date of BirthN/A (We will Update soon)
WeightApprox (55 to 60 KG)
Height5.6 feet
Marital StatusDivorced
Body ColorWhite
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
FamousEx-Wife of Scott Patterson
EducationHaddonfield Memorial High School
Religion Christian
Birth PlaceUSA

Vera’s Education 

Vera’s education is known to include her graduation from Haddonfield Memorial High School, but her background and further academic pursuits are not disclosed at ushottopic.

Vera Davich and Scott Patterson Marriage

Vera Davich and Scott Patterson met in school and got engaged in 1983. They kept their marriage a secret. However, in 1985, they decided to separate, mainly because they felt they were too young.

Vera Davich and Scott Patterson Divorce

After their split, Scott Patterson married actress Kristine Saryan in 2014. They have a son named Nicholas Petterson.

Davich Net Worth

Her net worth is not announced officially.

Career Life

Vera became known to the media and the public when she married the American actor Scott Patterson. Scott’s roles in various shows and movies made people curious about his personal life, including his relationship with Vera.

Vera has kept her professional life private and is not involved in the entertainment industry. In contrast, Scott started his acting career with the 1993 movie “Little Big League.” He went on to star in films like “Her Best Move,” “The High 395,” “Other People’s Children,” “Three Wishes,” “A Boy Called Hate,” and “Rhapsody in Bloom.” His early success in these movies set the stage for his continued acting career.

Where is Vera Davich Now?

Vera, who was once married to actor Scott Patterson, chose a quiet life away from the public eye after their divorce. She’s not on social media, which makes it hard to know what she’s up to these days. On the other hand, Scott, her ex-husband, had a stint in baseball before starting the Arclight Theatre Company.

Scott has made a name for himself in movies and TV shows, like the Saw series and Gilmore Girls, which have solidified his presence in the entertainment industry. He’s still active in acting and music, continuing to build his career.


Who is Vera Davich, and why is she known in connection with Scott Patterson?

Vera Davich is known as the ex-wife of actor Scott Patterson, famous for his role in “Gilmore Girls.” Their marriage brought her into the public eye.

What is known about Vera Davich’s age?

Vera Davich’s age is not readily available online, but she is estimated to be in her mid-50s.

Can you provide Vera Davich’s net worth?

There is no publicly disclosed or official information about Vera Davich’s net worth.

What is Scott Patterson’s net worth?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Scott Patterson had an estimated net worth of around $15 million, but this figure may have changed since then.

What is Vera Davich’s current lifestyle like after her divorce from Scott Patterson?

Following her divorce from Scott Patterson, Vera has chosen to live a private and low-key life away from social media. Her current activities and situation are not publicly known.

What is Scott Patterson’s career in the entertainment industry?

Scott Patterson is an actor known for his roles in various movies and TV shows, including the Saw franchise and “Gilmore Girls.” He remains active in both acting and music and has established himself in the entertainment industry.

Can you provide more information about Vera Davich’s education and background?

Vera Davich graduated from Haddonfield Memorial High School, but her further educational and professional background remains undisclosed.

How did Vera Davich and Scott Patterson meet?

Vera Davich and Scott Patterson met while in school and got engaged in 1983. They later married, but their marriage was kept secret at TodayTimeNews.

What is Scott Patterson’s involvement with the Arclight Theatre Company?

Scott Patterson initiated the Arclight Theatre Company as part of his career endeavors after his baseball career.

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