How to Apply Makeup Primer the Expert’s Way

Makeup Primer

Preparing the skin can improve its appearance and make it easier for makeup to last longer. Do you find your makeup looking cakey and uneven a few hours after application? That’s when your skin needs a primer, a necessary step in creating a smooth canvas for your cosmetics to adhere to.

However, more than a makeup base consisting of foundation alone is required. Thus, it would be careless to skip using a primer. For all those who want their makeup to look good and last longer and want to avoid a beauty disaster. One shouldn’t skip applying primer as a prep base as they can help you achieve the perfect look. Lotus Makeup has the best primer in India and one of the best primers for oily skin in India.

If you are yet to start using makeup primer before foundation, you will need to learn how to apply it properly. Have no fear; we’ll show you the ropes. Find out how to get a flawless makeup application by reading on!

Benefits of Using Primer

  • Primers are great for covering up imperfections before applying makeup. The primer minimizes the look of pores and leaves your skin radiant and flawless.
  • Make sure to use a makeup primer to ensure the foundation and other makeup last longer on your face.
  • Makeup primers are the secret to radiant, ageless skin. They also help to minimise the appearance of creases and other signs of ageing like skin becoming thinner, losing its elasticity, and becoming fragile.
  • When you start with a primer, the rest of your makeup goes on smoothly. Applying a primer before applying makeup creates an extra barrier between the skin and the cosmetics.
  • Primers are useful for maintaining a healthy moisture balance on the skin.

How To Apply A Primer?                                                 

Primer is applied on the face to minimize any fine lines and blemishes on the face. Not only this, use of primer also helps smoothen the skin and reduce oil secretion on the face. Also applying primer just before applying face makeup brings out additional glow and radiance on the face while improving the skin texture,



All you need is a high-quality primer like Proedit Silk Touch Luminizing Primer. This primer has ingredients like Japanese Sakura, rich in antioxidant levels and essential fatty acids, and comes with soothing properties that repair the skin’s barriers. Using the primer after cleansing is recommended before applying other skin care products or makeup.

Read on to learn how to apply a face primer:

  • One should apply makeup primer minimally, so scoop out a small quantity on the back of your hand. Use a gentle patting motion with your finger to dab at it. Apply it to your face with your fingertips and blend it outward from your nose.
  • Spread it on your face and neck
  • Make sure the primer doesn’t build up in one spot by applying it in small, circular motions.
  • Give your primer a full minute to dry before moving on to your foundation and concealer.
  • Overusing primer might ruin an otherwise flawless makeup application.

Did you get a clear idea of how to use the best face primer like an expert? Using the primer correctly can give your face a classy appearance and serve as the most important step toward perfecting flawless makeup for any occasion or situation. Go, pick Ecostay Insta Smooth Mattifying Perfecting Primer  and give your face a wonderful look Read More

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